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Our family history begins almost eighty years ago, with a couple of young newlyweds...

They were the first years of the post-war and in a small kitchen of Altamura Rosina with the help of her sister-in-law Orsolina, prepared wedding desserts for earn a living. Orsolina was a nun "at home" and had taught Rosina secrets of the ancient recipes of the Poor Clares, cloistered nuns expert in pastry. Read more...


When in 2010 my son Francesco communicated to family that he (finally!) wanted to marry, we bursted with joy. They were all excited about his marriage and, I must admit, I was too. I was so proud of what he had become and of his wanting to create a new one family. So after that news I convinced myself I absolutely had to be able to amaze him, as well as he had surprised me with his beautiful announcement. Read more...


The Favourite Dessert of The Emperor Frederick II

The story tells how Emperor Frederick II of Swabia was greedy of Apulian Honey and Almonds. At his table this old dessert could never missing!

Our Pastry Family, in order to pay tribute to the historic pastry tradition of Puglia, has wanted to resume and revisit the favorite recipe of the Emperor Frederick, creating "Passione di Mandorla" (Almond Passion).

So you too, can enjoy the perfect combination of Honey and Almonds, simple and genuine ingredients from the lands of Puglia.